Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NTS // 030116

Stop saying you're okay when you're really not okay.
Stop saying you're fine when you're far from it.
You're hurt not just because they hurt you, 
but because you let them hurt you.
Do not let them. It's that simple.
Stop saying you're okay with things that you're not okay with
just because you're scared of how they'll react if you say no.
Stop thinking about other people's feelings sometimes 
and consider your own because at the end of the day,
everyone thinks of themselves and their own happiness, not other people.
You are your own company.
Take care of yourself because at the end of the day,
it's just you. Only you.
So say no when you really, really wanna say no.
Say, "no I'm not okay with it" when you're really, really not okay with it.
Say "fck you, you're not in charge of my happiness today, or any other day"
when that person just won't stop fcking around with your feelings.
Just say it and make yourself happy.
Truly, unbelievably happy,
regardless of how others feel.
Just be damn happy.

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