Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bloggers United 5

As promised, here's a quick photo diary of the awesome time we had at the 5th installment of Bloggers United last June 1 at the SMX Convention Center! Will make this post short and sweet, I promise! :) 
With Jac and Mara, my BU buddies!!! 
Us with Paul Chuapoco! Love his ombre shirt! Yelllllooooow ♥ 
With the Enciso sisters, Verniece and Vern! 
With my twin, Jac! :)
With my roomie, Mara! (started calling her 'Roomie' since she's my roommate when we went to Vietnam! Mehehe) 
Us with Melai Entuna! Thanks for letting us stay at your booth, Melai! :) 
With Tracy Ayson!
Here's a photo of me being my usual retarded self, fighting boredom! Hahaha! 
Us with Bea Benedicto and Bestie Konisis! :) 

Us with Seph Cham! Thanks for letting us use your wifi! Hahaha, I can still remember his uber cheesy wifi password =))
Ahhhhhhh! My favorite blogger ever, Cheyser Pedregosa!! ♥ 
With Stephanie Dy! Love her skirrrrt! :)
These are the legit photos (by legit, I mean hard copy and shizz! Haha) I got at the event! Thank you Style Locale and MadhouseMNL! ☺

Can't wait for the 6th installment! (Thanks for these photos, twin Jac!) :) From this day forward, I promise to update this blog often. Heehee, follow me on Instagram guys! @mleoness :)

xx, Lui! ♥

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