Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year again! Here's a special post to all those who call this day, "Single Awareness Day!" haha! <3

Dear You,

This is just another regular day for you.... except for all the cheesyness that surrounds you. You may feel sad, and alone or maybe just a tad bit bitter, and you may or may not curse (silently) all those lovers you see today. You hate this day to the moon and back, but maybe...

you feel that way because you want to feel special to someone, too.

You want this day to be special, too. You want that grand, romantic gesture you only see in movies and you want to feel kilig, too. You, being bitter and mad at this day is just your way of saying "Uggghh fck it, I want that too!".  You wanna join the bandwagon in posting those vintage post-processed pictures of you and the bouquet you got on Instagram, too.

You want it, too. You want it all, so bad. 

For now, it's just a day. Just an ordinary Thursday. But who knows, maybe this day next year, you'll finally get what you (not-so) secretly want on this ordinary day. Maybe, this day next year, you'll find someone who will sweep you off your feet and give you more than what your heart desires. Maybe, this day next year, that grand gesture you've been waiting for all your life will finally happen. Candle lit dinner, complete with a bouquet of freshly cut red roses and that huge stuffed toy you've been going on cray cray for, like, ever. Maybe, this day next year, you'll finally get to slow dance with that someone special, just like you always dreamed of, inpired by your favorite movie, A Cinderella Story. Maybe, this day next year, you'll be one of those disgustingly sweet and cheesy couples you've always hated on Vday. Maybe, this day next year, you'll finally have someone to laugh with, and to share this day with.

Maybe, just maybe, this day next year, you won't feel so alone.

But until that day comes, remember, this day is just like any other day. No need to fret. Remember that He might still be writing the best and most romantic love story for you. Maybe He still thinks you won't be able to handle all the kilig He's planning to give you. 

Maybe He thinks you need to love yourself first, before giving you what you truly desire.

So turn that frown upside down, dress up, grab your bag and head out tonight! Go to your favorite coffee shop and read your favorite book (because nothing is better than the company of coffee and books, trust me) and who knows, maybe you'll have a wonderful time tonight, just like everybody else.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

Love, Lui! 

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