Sunday, January 6, 2013

On Stargirl

I just finished reading Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli and just like most of the books I read, yes, it is my current favorite. The story was just so awesome.. okay, at first I admit, I hated Stargirl. I mean come on, who sings and cheers over the mundane-st (is there such a word? lol) things?! And seriously, who brings a ukulele to school!? She's too cheerful and bubbly all the time. 

But then I remembered, hey, this is fiction. Anything can happen. And boy, oh boy, I cried buckets when I finished the book (lol don't I always)! It was THAT awesome! 

If there are three things I learned from the book it's this:
  • You can't please everybody. Yes, Stargirl, YOU CAN'T. And that is OKAY. Besides, God didn't create us and became this awesome just to have everyone's approval. That's just exhausting, living up to everyone's expectations. I bet you all my savings and future paycheck that those who are trying to please everybody, are not exactly happy with their lives. I mean sure, they have everyone's approval, everybody loves them, etc etc etc, but are they really happy!? No. They just think they are but deep down, they know, they're sure of it, that it's not what they truly want. You don't sacrifice your happiness just for their sake. Selfish as it is, but that's the truth. Can you really make everyone happy and forget about your own happiness? 
  • You don't give up on the people you love, no matter what. No matter how goofy or weird he/she is, you don't give him/her up if you love him/her. (wow that's just a mouthful haha! sorry!) No matter how embarrassing he/she seems to other people, you don't give him/her up. I mean, you gotta admit, it's the little quirks he/she has that made you fall, right? Just like Leo to Stargirl, he seemed amazed at what she's truly passionate about. Sure, she may seem like a stalker of some sort but what the hell, that's what makes her Stargirl. That's what makes her who she is. And to be honest, I 'sort of' hate Leo for 'sort of' giving up on Stargirl. He just let her go, like that. And in the end, he just kept on wondering "what if". In line with this,
  • You don't change the person you love. Ever. Well, in this case, Stargirl changed at her own will. It's kind of sad when she went from the goofy, bubbly Stargirl to the overly confident Susan Caraway. And again, I 'sort of' (I kept saying "sort of" because Leo kept saying it at a certain part of the book) hate Leo for letting her, for even being super proud of her sudden transformation. For making Stargirl disappear for a while. He actually anticipated this transformation. He mentioned how much he wanted Stargirl to be like them (his friends, classmates whatevs) and for them to be a little bit more like Stargirl. I wish the latter happened. Not the other way around. If there's one thing I learned in life, it's this: Change for no one but yourself. If you think it's what you want or if it's for the better, then, go ahead. Change. But if it's just to impress some dude, don't. Just don't. You're amazing just the way you are and if some guy can't accept you for who you are, then it's his loss not yours. You just have to find the right person who can and will love you despite your flaws and quirks. 
xx, Lui! 

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