Wednesday, January 2, 2013



So this is my first post for 2013: SORRY FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO UPDATE THIS BLOG.

My laptop's being a bitch and I cannot log in to my Twitter and Blogger account. Thank God for TweetDeck, I found another way to log in to my Twitter account. 

Boohoo. I'm currently at the office and I just had to squeeze in this blog post. 

Anyhoo, to keep you guys (slightly) updated, I decided to do Project 365 on my Jux account. Follow my photo blog here guys! Plus, I also decided to do the Reading Challenge on Goodreads! 50 books this year, let's see if I can do that! 


Oh for heaven's sake, follow my Instagram account too! Hahahaha! 

I'll be back real soon guys! I promise to update this blog as soon as my laptop's fixed! Ciao!

xx, Lui! 

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