Friday, January 18, 2013

Book 2013: Page 18 of 365

Sooooooo it's JANUARY 18 (well, a few hours ago, that is haha)!! It's my special day!! And true enough, I feel super special! :"> Allow me to express my gratitude, my cheesiness and my sentiments here on a short blog post.

Thank you. I think that's the phrase I used the most today. Lol! Thank you, Facebook, for reminding everyone on my friend list that's it's my freakin' birthday hahahaha and thank you to everyone who took their sweet time to post silly photos on my wall/twitter for my birthday (hi, Crush! your photo really made my day!!!!) Thank you, to everyone who SMS-ed me at exactly 12am (shout out to Lea Adriano, who never fails to greet me at exactly 12midnight!!! I love you forever!) To those who tweeted me, who called, who made sure to greet me, THANK YOU! I can't put into words how special I feel from all your sweet greetings. 

Thank you, Smartway family, especially to Mam Reg, for this really reallyyyy huge Toblerone she gave me, that would prolly make my tonsils hurt for weeks again, but I don't care since it's my favorite. Thank you, in advance, for the birthday celebration on Monday. Hahaha, I feel excited already! 

Thank you Mom and Dad, for your never ending love even though I screw up a lot, you love me anyway, haha! To my siblings, my ate(s), haha I love you 2, hehehehe! To my younger sister Lizette, I love you even though you didn't let me borrow your tablet this morning even when it's my birthday, hahaha

Thank you, Lord, for never failing to always give me what I want, that turns out (surprisingly) to be what I need. I can't believe you trolled me last night!!! Hahahaha, that was such a good joke, Lord. I love you. Hahahaha! Your timing is and will always be amazing. Thank you for all the blessings you gave me/will be giving to me. YOU. ARE. THE. BEST! I'm a year older now, though, not exactly wiser. Living and breathing healthily for two decades now, thank you Lord. Thank You, thank You, thank You!!! 

Some people wait for New Year to change, but I don't. I wait for my birthday. I think it's the most legit time to change, what with the added year to our life etc. Hahaha


xx, Lui!

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