Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog Challenge

Been doing a lot of 'challenges' lately and I think my blog needs one, too. Haha! Currently doing the Goodreads: Reading Challenge (50 books this year!!!) and Project 365 (photo a day challenge. Check out my photo blog here) and I stumbled upon this on Google (credits to whoever made this! lol). And I thought, hey, why not? I think my blog needs this. Aside from the backlogs I have (still haven't done NYE2013, last days of Viet Nam tour and Fontana post. Boooo!) , yes, I am more than willing to do this. Will start this tomorrow! Hahaha! 

Oh and btw, I might not do this in order. And prolly not in 30 consecutive days. Depends on my laziness level, haha! Wish me luck! :) 

xx, Lui! 

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