Monday, January 21, 2013

BC: Something You Feel Strongly About

At this moment, I feel strongly about Suicide. 

Last weekend was a shocking one. My Uncle's new maid (one week to be exact) committed suicide. Reason? Her husband told her he's leaving her (w/c later we found out it's a joke, WTF). More shocking news: She's pregnant! (See the tabloid news here.)

It happened last Saturday, January 19, 2013. The day after my birthday. The day my cousins and I were supposed to celebrate my 20th. I woke up to my cousin's voice, John, who apparently, was the last person the Maid talked to. I went out of my room to find a sea of people outside our house (Uncle's house was just right beside ours). A lot of media people were there too. GMA, ABS-CBN, DZMM, S.O.C.O. etc. Uncle Boy's daughter, Jem, is the one who saw the Maid hanged under the basement's ladder. The Maid hung herself (and her unborn child) to death using an electrical wire. Jem, whose mother died when she was young, saw the dead Maid. Young and terribly traumatized Jem.

The thing is, I despise suicide. I guess it's because I was raised to believe that it is a mortal sin. For me, people who commit suicide are coward. Coward AND stupid. Some people think they're noble and brave for ending their life on their own, well guess what? IT'S FCKING STUPID! 

I hate her. I know I should be all sad and pitiful but damn it I hate her and her family. I hate her for committing suicide. I hate her boyfriend for making a joke that caused her depression. I hate her for giving our whole family a traumatic experience. I'm not even close to her but the whole thing traumatized me in a way. Imagine, I slept in my parents' room last night! I hate her for committing suicide in Uncle's house. I hate her for burdening our family. 

I hate her family for making up stories and milking us money. WE'VE HELPED ENOUGH. And it's not our fcking fault she committed suicide. I hate her family for being too ungrateful and abusive and here's a message for them: LEAVE US THE FCK ALONE. Your family member already caused us enough trouble (emotionally, psychologically and financially). We've already helped enough. Actually, we've already helped A LOT. Our family isn't the kind that leaves people in need. We're pitiful but don't take us for fools. And stop making up stories just to milk us money. As I said, WE ARE NOT FOOLS. I heard my Mom talk to the maid's Aunt and they're demanding us for their fare (35k if I'm not mistaken. Like, wtf are they gonna ride, a jet?!) since they live in Samar and they wanna see the corpse. I mean COME ON PEOPLE! We've already paid for the funeral, the autopsy thingy, and pretty much everything else and to think that it's not even our fault and she hadn't been around with us for long (as I said, it's only been a week since she started working for Uncle). If they wanna see the corpse, find a way to see it. Don't rely on us on ALL the expense because it's not our fcking fault. We could have just leave the body at the funeral parlor but we are not that kind of people. We help, but don't abuse us. I hate how she ruined my supposed birthday celebration. I know it's immature and such but last Saturday was supposed to be fun. Not sad and terrifying. I hate her for ending her life and her unborn child's life. 

People who commit suicide are taking the easy way out. Problems come and go. Sure, it may take long to find the solution but THERE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A SOLUTION. And suicide is not one of it. It just causes more problems. She ended not just one life, but two. She left her family and her child (whose birthday is the same as mine). See, there's this thing called FAITH. If you believe in God's will and plans, if only she trusted God, if only she strengthened her faith in God, she could have still been alive today. 

Oh well, what's done is done. And I guess there's nothing left to do but to pray for her soul.

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