Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BC: Five Ways to Win Your Heart


For a nineteen year old girl (hitting the two-zero mark in less than a day, yay!), I think I have an old soul. I love old things and old ways. This is a sure thing to win my heart. With the technology we have, words are too easy to say. Hello, Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, BBM etc. Gone are the days when we use to wait anxiously for the mailman to come and have our letters delivered. Gone are the days when guys take their sweet time to write what they truly feel. Nowadays, you can say I love you (and may or may not mean it) to someone in less than a minute, taking into account on how fast your network is, the way you type and your wireless fidelity. You just pick up the phone or go online and just say it. It's easy-ness (can't think of any other word, sorry!) makes it so hard to know if it's real or not. I hate to admit this but these days, people (guys in particular), are getting less creative and too hasty. They want everything quick and short, to the point that what they say, lacks substance and sincerity. With letters, you'll know how genuine a guy's feelings are for you. By the way they write, the way they use words (TIP FOR GUYS: good grammar gets points too!), the way they describe how they feel about you... I love that. Now I really do feel like I have an old soul. Lol. I'm a keeper, in the most literal sense of the word. I keep things to remind me that when I get old, those things happened. A proof, an evidence. I kept everything, from movie tickets, to bottle caps to wrappers.. I keep it. But what I love to keep are letters. Letters that are written out of love, out of passion. Letters that gets old and wrinkled but still takes me back and makes me feel like it's the first time I read it. Letters. It really is a sure-fire way to win my heart.


In my dating world, though I have an old soul, I like it when guys just go for it. Guys don't know this but girls love it when guys are confident with how they feel. I mean, if I show you any sign that I like you, go for it. No need to ask for permission if you need to court me, just do it. The last thing I want is to answer a question that I know for sure I'll regret either way I answer it. If you want me, just show it. Take a risk. It actually is pretty easy to win a girl's heart. Though some may prefer the old courting style, most girls don't want to get through the hassle of making decisions on whether to give you a chance or not. Just do it, but don't be too overconfident either. Keep your cool. Chances are, if you show us you like us, you might just get lucky. In a girl's world, when someone likes us back, a part of us likes them too for liking us. 


I love guys who can take pride in having me as their better half. That's the type of guy I'd take home to Daddy (that sounds so wrong hahaha!). That's the type of guy I'd be proud to have. And guys who shower their woman with praises (even though some are just fake), I love them. As cliche as this may sound, yes. Girls fall for what they hear, and guys fall for what they see. It's human nature. Everyone loves to be praised for what they are and what they did/achieved but I think girls love it the most (even though we would prolly just shrug it off 90% of the time and say, "Oh stop it, you're just being nice"). Usually, the only time guys praise their girl is when they wanna make out. They sweet-talk their way to persuading a girl to make out with them, and guess what? IT WORKS. Well, most of the time anyways. You can't sweet-talk your way to an angry woman. EVER. And don't even try it, it'll just piss us more. The point is, guys, please praise your woman because you mean it and because you feel like it. Not just when you need something. 


For a girl, I can be too adventurous sometimes. Alone or with friends, I ALWAYS wanna try something new. And I love guys who plan dates. Most guys leave it to the girls on what they wanna do on a date and I hate that. All the more, when they ask us to make plans and disagrees with it. Gaaahh. Too stressful. In the end, you always do the same things and eat at the same resto and I don't like that. I don't want routine. I'm spontaneous. I'm always up for challenges and new adventures and it really is amazing when guys plan them for you. I love it. I don't mind hanging out, drinking beer watching basketball eating pizza all day, because in the end, what matters most is that I'm with the guy I love. Although I love surprises too. Hihi. MOST GIRLS WANT THAT! The sweet kind okay, not the nerve-wracking kind. 

5. FOOD.

Lol, this one's on a totally different note. Haha! A lot of people get surprised by how much food I consume daily and they all look at me like "FOR REAL? THEN HOW DO YOU STAY SO SKINNY?" Yep, I am one of those lucky few who eats a lot but NEVER gets fat. I don't know why but I think food gave up on me. Haha, and if I get fat, it all comes down to my thighs and ass, giving me that bodacious effect (though my skinny arms always gives my skinny-ness away) I love it when guys give me food. Not the chocolates but I'd appreciate it more if you'd give me a big mac, (with large fries and rootbeer). Or pizza. One whole box of pizza. Or if you really wanna win my heart, give me something spicy. I love spicy foods. Great, now I'm starving. I just love food sooooooo much. 

(P.S. Photo's not mine, got it from Google mehehe)

xx, Lui! 


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