Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm Playing for Keeps

(First and foremost, this post is not mine. It's written by Rob Hill, Sr and I just saw this on Vern Enciso's Instagram feed. This post sums up everything I've been feeling for weeks and maybe, in some way, you can relate too. I believe that every awesome post deserves to be repost-ed (is there such a word like this? lol) and I really wanna share it with you guys. Hope you like it.)

"Crazy how life works. 
The best people get hit with the worst of times. 
The genuine hearts are the first to be used and taken for granted. 
And, those with sincere intentions are pushed off as too good to be true. 
We're stuck in a game where "winning" gets you nowhere. 
We have inconsistent people expecting consistency.
Liars complaining that nobody is true
and fakes demanding loyalty. 
Everybody's asking for Love, 
but only a few are walking in it. 
For me, the game got old two disappointments ago,
and I refuse to cheat my future worrying about things I can't change from my past.

So today, in the present, I offer three promises: 
I'll trust you until you show me that I can't. 
I'll be consistent as your efforts inspire me to be. 
And I'll honor your time with the same respect I give my own. 
No games. No gimmicks. No guile. 
If you can appreciate this, I can build with you; 
if not, I have no time for you. 
I've been through too much to play the same old game, 
just to keep getting the same draining results. 
I want more. I deserve more! 
So I'm holding out until I get it,  
because the next time I play, I'm playing for keeps." (-@RobHillSr)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Outfit Post: 5th Wheel

So, last Wednesday, me and my highschool buddies Lea and Aly (plus their boyfriends, Gian and Eugene. Yes, I'm the 5th wheel, hence this post's title hahaha!) decided to meet up for some long overdue bonding, and to celebrate Eugene's birthday, heehee! Decided to chill at Serenitea, Katipunan and chitchat endlessly til' we're the only customers left. Took advantage of the deserted place and taught them friends some "basic and usual blogger poses" I learned from reading my favorite bloggers' blogs!! (turns out my friends are better than me! Hahaha!) 

First off, here's what I wore: a knitted top and comfy leggings and flats! Yep, I'm all for comfort ya'knoooow. ;)
The "tingin-sa-baba-and-touch-your-hair" pose!
Leggings: Boardwalk | Flats: Solemate

Knitted top: Thrifted for 45php! 
Such a steal right? Right?! Hahaha!
Sling bag: FOSSIL
Now here are some of the photos with them friends! Heehee!
With Aly and Lea! :) 

Us girls!
The boys: Gian and Eugene.
My boy's in this photo too, ya'know. He's just invisible and nonexistent that's why you can't see him! Hahaha! 
Lovers. ♥♥♥
Lea's blogger pose! :) 
Aly's turn! 
Ugh, toooooo sweet!!! Hahaha! 
Lea's blogger pose, version 2.0!  

I really love this pic! Candid photos are the best! Parang commercial ng Serenitea! Oha! 
BTW!! Hype this look on Lookbook guise! Heehee, thanks! :)
xx. Lui! ♥

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bloggers United 5

As promised, here's a quick photo diary of the awesome time we had at the 5th installment of Bloggers United last June 1 at the SMX Convention Center! Will make this post short and sweet, I promise! :) 
With Jac and Mara, my BU buddies!!! 
Us with Paul Chuapoco! Love his ombre shirt! Yelllllooooow ♥ 
With the Enciso sisters, Verniece and Vern! 
With my twin, Jac! :)
With my roomie, Mara! (started calling her 'Roomie' since she's my roommate when we went to Vietnam! Mehehe) 
Us with Melai Entuna! Thanks for letting us stay at your booth, Melai! :) 
With Tracy Ayson!
Here's a photo of me being my usual retarded self, fighting boredom! Hahaha! 
Us with Bea Benedicto and Bestie Konisis! :) 

Us with Seph Cham! Thanks for letting us use your wifi! Hahaha, I can still remember his uber cheesy wifi password =))
Ahhhhhhh! My favorite blogger ever, Cheyser Pedregosa!! ♥ 
With Stephanie Dy! Love her skirrrrt! :)
These are the legit photos (by legit, I mean hard copy and shizz! Haha) I got at the event! Thank you Style Locale and MadhouseMNL! ☺

Can't wait for the 6th installment! (Thanks for these photos, twin Jac!) :) From this day forward, I promise to update this blog often. Heehee, follow me on Instagram guys! @mleoness :)

xx, Lui! ♥

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Outfit Post: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello!

It's that awesome time of the year again! (well, a month ago, actually) This post is a month late but what the hellz, I'm still gonna post this because I had such an amazing time!!! (well, will blog about Bloggers United 5 later, this is an outfit post, hahaha!) On to my outfit!
I actually planned on wearing pants but Jac and Mara somehow managed to made me wear a skirt. Thinking I'd be under-dressed (Bloggers United will always and forever be such a fashyown event!!) I submitted into wearing my cutiepatootie aztec skirt! Used it once so I decided to take it out again! See how I styled 'em here!  

Faux snakeskin flats: Parisian
Skirt: Bubbles | Watch: Bench | Ring: Anagon | Bag: FOSSIL

Top: Sound and Matter by PacSun | Marilyn Monroe necklace: BU5 
Don't forget to hype this look on Lookbook!
Photos by Jac Pequeña (Thanks Twin! ☺)
As to this outfit post's title, I remember being super LSSed to this Beatles' song since I've had such a rough month and to those who don't know the song, here ya go! Hope you guys get LSSed, too! :)

xx. Lui! ♥

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Outfit Post: Up, Up and Away!

Hey guys! I'm back! (well, sort of) I'm squeezing in some blogger duties whilst running some OJT errands here at the office! Mehehe, sneaky little Lui. Gooooosh, I missed this! Hahaha! Anyhoo, anyhoo, anyhoo! I'll keep this post short and sweet (just like my shorts haha!) Here's what I wore last, last week at the 8th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival!
Knowing that it was gonna be a hot, hot day, I wore the shortest, cutest pair of shorts I have and my most comfortable top! This breezy top is actually an XL and my size is either an S or an M but I bought it anyways! Haha! Got this cutest pair of shorts at the Bloggers United 4 and it's my current favorite! Summer is fast approaching here in the Philippines and the heat is INTENSE!!! So pants and long sleeves or any thick clothing are a huge no-no! 
Peace y'all!

Top: Forever 21
Dreamcatcher Necklace: Random booth at UP Fair
Purse: Dooney and Bourke
Aztec-print Shorts: Bubbles 

Whatcha think of mah hat y'all?! :) 
Hype this look on Lookbook:
Photos taken by my cool cousin, Therese! :) 
Don't miss out on my next blog post about the Hot Air Balloon Fest! I'll post it reaaaaal soon! Ciao! Have a great weekend everyone! :)

xx, Lui! ♥

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FW: Stop Think (2)

  "WTF happened to you?! You look like you just got out of bed and by bed I meant haystack. What happened?"
  The thing that I really hate the most about breakups: THE POST BREAKUP PART. Sure the breakup per se already sucks but what happens after is what's excruciating. The part where every thing reminds you of him. The part where you get bitter, sad and happy (sometimes). And most especially, the part where every single one of your closest (and mutual) friends tries to get your side of the story and asks you the most dreaded question next to "Are you okay?": the "WTF Happened" question, perfectly executed by my most honest and borderline rude (but means well) best friend, Chelsea. The girl I can count on to give me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. I told her everything that happened.
That I decided to end things with Luke.
After a month of debating with myself whether I still need/want him in my life or not, I ended up with a list of Pros and Cons. Typical me, taking matters in my own hands, with a trusty Pilot pen and a legal pad.
  "The Lucas Pros and Cons".
Pros: I'm comfortable with him.
Cons: He makes me feel unwanted most of the time.
Pros: He loves me
Cons: ...but not enough to let the world know we're together.
And the list went on and on, ending with the Cons burying the Pros to death. Wow, now that's a legit proof that we really are were, damn, I really need to start "past-tense-ing" everything a fucked up pair.
I showed Chelsea my "Lucas Pros and Cons" list and instead of comforting me, she just LOL-ed. The kind of LOL that makes you wanna join in. And I did.
"Seriously, Sam, I love you, but your lists are making me crazy. You're the only person I know who does this. 'He smokes way too much leaving my hair smell yucky and dry'? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
"Well, I'm one of a kind." I snatched the legal pad from her.
As much as I want to hate her for making fun of me, I can't. This is good, I'm distracting her from asking questions. And then, as if on cue, Chelsa asked.
"Sooooooo what are you planning to do?"
Shoot. Oh you know, typical weeping whilst watching the Notebook with a huge tub of Baskin Robbins, normal stuff really.
"Nothing. I don't even know what to do."
"Oh come on! I've been waiting for this!! You know how much I hate Luke for you right?"
"Well, you never really sugar-coated your hatred towards him, but go on."
"Now that you are Lucas-free, it's time to get you some fun!" Lucas-free. She said it like he was a disease or something. Was he really that bad for me?!
"Oh wait. No, no, no, no, no! Your version of Fun is way too much for----"
"There's this new club opening tonight. I got free passes and you should totally come."
"Is that necessary? I mean I'm fine, really."
"Oh really? Then why are your eyes puffy and your face blotchy? Come on, ending that 2-year relationship hurts. Don't try and hide it, honey."
"I'm not hiding it. I really am fine. You know how much I hate clubs."
"No, I don't. You just hate clubs because Luke hates it. You love to dance. You love booze. Remember that night we went out and you knocked down a whole bottle of Jack and went crazy dancing on a few table tops? I miss that version of you!"
         True, ever since she and Luke became a couple, she had always been on her best behavior. You know, the goody good girl every guy wants to take home to Mommy. The kind of girl that never smokes and never passes out at clubs. She wanted to be the perfect girl for him.. but he never did took her home to meet his Mommy.
As I spaced out a little bit, Chelsea already made a few phone calls, making it harder for me to say no to her invite.
"There, I already called the gang. And you can't say no! They miss you, Sam. I know you don't see it nor feel it, but they do. They, WE, miss you. Ever since you started hanging out 24/7 with Luke, we hardly see you. Please come tonight, please please please!! We miss the fun, care-free version of you, Sam. Every time we see you, it's mostly because you had a bad day cause of Luke and we hate that version of you, seriously. Please come with us tonight, pleaaaaaaaase." 
The puppy eyes. Chelsea made the puppy eyes. Damn, how can I ever say no that?!
"Fine!!! Just don't get me wasted okay?"
"Yay! I love you!!!!!!! Can't wait! Ahhh! Tonight's gonna be such an AWESOME night!!!!"
         Knowing Chelsea, awesome is always an understatement. 
(To be continued)
(Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sneak Peek!

Here's a little something-something I did over the weekend! Mehehe, I'd love to blog all about it now but a) I'm here at the office and I just can't, lol and b) my laptop's browser is such a btch and I can't log in to any social networking sites (SSL Error daw). I can't blog/tweet :( 

Will blog about the whole thing next time! Hint: It involves a LOT of huge balloons!!! <3 

xx, Lui! ♥

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year again! Here's a special post to all those who call this day, "Single Awareness Day!" haha! <3

Dear You,

This is just another regular day for you.... except for all the cheesyness that surrounds you. You may feel sad, and alone or maybe just a tad bit bitter, and you may or may not curse (silently) all those lovers you see today. You hate this day to the moon and back, but maybe...

you feel that way because you want to feel special to someone, too.

You want this day to be special, too. You want that grand, romantic gesture you only see in movies and you want to feel kilig, too. You, being bitter and mad at this day is just your way of saying "Uggghh fck it, I want that too!".  You wanna join the bandwagon in posting those vintage post-processed pictures of you and the bouquet you got on Instagram, too.

You want it, too. You want it all, so bad. 

For now, it's just a day. Just an ordinary Thursday. But who knows, maybe this day next year, you'll finally get what you (not-so) secretly want on this ordinary day. Maybe, this day next year, you'll find someone who will sweep you off your feet and give you more than what your heart desires. Maybe, this day next year, that grand gesture you've been waiting for all your life will finally happen. Candle lit dinner, complete with a bouquet of freshly cut red roses and that huge stuffed toy you've been going on cray cray for, like, ever. Maybe, this day next year, you'll finally get to slow dance with that someone special, just like you always dreamed of, inpired by your favorite movie, A Cinderella Story. Maybe, this day next year, you'll be one of those disgustingly sweet and cheesy couples you've always hated on Vday. Maybe, this day next year, you'll finally have someone to laugh with, and to share this day with.

Maybe, just maybe, this day next year, you won't feel so alone.

But until that day comes, remember, this day is just like any other day. No need to fret. Remember that He might still be writing the best and most romantic love story for you. Maybe He still thinks you won't be able to handle all the kilig He's planning to give you. 

Maybe He thinks you need to love yourself first, before giving you what you truly desire.

So turn that frown upside down, dress up, grab your bag and head out tonight! Go to your favorite coffee shop and read your favorite book (because nothing is better than the company of coffee and books, trust me) and who knows, maybe you'll have a wonderful time tonight, just like everybody else.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! 

Love, Lui!