Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wanderlust: Visayas Part 2!

Hello dear readers! Here's a new travel post for you! This post is 2 months late. Sorry! It's been drafted weeks ago but I got too lazy and busy to edit it. Lazy Luiza. I seriously wish I could post on time! (this had to be on my New Year's Resolution list. Noted!) I have too many backlogs drafted (mostly travel posts huhu) but I just can't find the time to edit them! Can't wait for Christmas break! 

Nevertheless, here's the next part of my Visayas tour last semestral break! Ugh, I feel very nostalgic looking at these photos! I miss Tacloban/Palompon! And the Elardo fambam, ugh! I miss them! :( Been praying for their safety since Pablo (the super storm) affected the Visayas region. I really wish they are all okay. Good thing it's out of the country na, yey! :) 

Sooo, not to bore you guys with my blab, here are some of the photos! Enjoy! Feel free to leave some comments/questions! I'd love to read them! ;)
"Welcome to Leyte!"
The famous 21.9 million-dollar, arch-shaped truss bridgeSan Juanico!! This bridge connects Samar and Leyte. I wish we had more bridges like these in Manila! Cool!

Mandatory (yes, mandatory I say) family shot! Insert ate Loreen and Baby Keish here!! 
Daddy's girls <3
Since it's a two and a half hour drive from Tacloban to Palompon, we decided to stop over the Leyte Landing landmark before heading off to Palompon for Grandma's birthday! I finally got to see the famous (and VERY huge) MacArthur statue! I remember seeing this landmark on our history books back in grade school! Haha! The picture didn't do justice to the place. It's more amazing in person!!  

 I never thought it was THAT huge! (Akala ko kasing laki lang ng tao hihihi)

With our adopted sibling, Cody! I miss that kiddo! He's soooo chubby, I think I must have pinched his chubby cheeks a lot when I saw him! Such a cutiepatootie! :3
Another thing I was surprised about was that I thought this statue/s were placed EXACTLY on the beach, but, obviously it wasn't. You can even take a closer look, just like what we did here! 

Because I just had to take a picture with Lolo! Lol, I dunno why my cousins call him Lolo Douglas. Hahaha! Just for fun, I think. Obviously he's not related to us hahaha! 
Saw a rainbow on our way to Grandma's house! Can you see it? <3
What I love taking pictures of when travelling: Landscapes. 
Sunset :)
Finally! Palompon!!! Lol, we were greeted by one of the six dogs (yes, six!!!) in our Grandma's house! 
Lunch! (L-R) Tita Nenette, moi, ate Louise, Mom, Mommy Daday, Lola Nening and Kuya Miko.
Look at those crabs!!! I miss Palompon fooood! I think I gained weight while I was staying there! All we did was eat - movie marathon - eat - shot - sleep - eat - eat - eat - eat, repeat! We can't say no to food. Grandma forces us to eat, eat, eat! Lol, don't they always? Haha! 
Fixing Lola up for her party! :)
Love the wig, Granny!! Random fact: I used to be sooo scared of Lola's huge glasses! 
Oh Grandma, what big eyes you have!
Us with Lola! And tita Lando at the background! Hahaha!
Make your own burger!
Fruit Salad
Happy 83rd birthday Lola!!! :)
Ate Alex's homemade apple pie! This tastes like heaven! <3 
Super spicyyy Quesadilla!! FYI guys, all these food were made and prepared by the Elardo fambam! Cool right? Even the burger patties were made by Mommy Daday! 

Leftover pizza by the beach. 

Booze. Of course. Not a day went by without it.
"Hindi ka Elardong babae kung hindi ka malakas uminom." -Tita Nenette. Lolololol!

Lola and the Pastor family's Computer cafe. Love the lighting here. Perfect for Instagram photos, no need for filter pa nga eh! Hihihi!
Family Guy marathon. 
Booze... and Coke. Again. Haha!
Love this pillow case. <3
"If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"
Back in Tacloban! I think this is their Capitol. Hehe.
Before our flight back to Manila. Look at Cody's face!! I miss this boy's Gangnam dance! He's just like Psy! So cute! :3 Nakakagigil his cheeks!!! 
With my pretty cousin Ella... and my maleta. Haha! :)
Random fact: See that portrait of Lolo and Lola hanging on the wall? My cousin, Kuya Aris, drew that using charcoal! Amazing right? 
IDs, Plane tickets, boarding pass and sunglasses! <3

All aboard! <3

Aerial view of the San Juanico Bridge! 
Clouds! It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!!! 

Our plane, sandwiched between two seas of clouds!!! Ahhhh, I wanna touch it! <3
Touch down, Manila.
Ahhh I miss Visayas already! Can't wait to get back! Hoping for more travel adventures in 2013! 

xx, Lui! ♥ 


  1. Great pictures!! It made want to go to places.. :( Haha! I wish I could go to these places like you..

    And uh, Family Guy! <3 Like that too! :)
    Will follow your blog :)


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