Sunday, December 2, 2012

Outfit Post: The Boyfriend Shirt

Finally! Another outfit post! Haha! To those who follow me on Twitter, you prolly know how I spent my weekend, hihihi! We went to Fontana (for the nth time!)!! Swear, no matter how many times we've been to this place, it's always always always soooo much fun! We never got used it! Haha! Anyhoo, I'll do a separate post about that but for now, here's what I wore! :)

Onto my outfit, err, would you guys believe that this shirt is actually my Boyfriend's shirt?! Yup! True story! Haha, ahhhhh, the perks of having a boyfriend who loves fitted shirts! I just love how it fits me! Lol, actually, almost all of the shirts I bought to this trip was his! I dunno why but I find semi-loose shirts comfier than fitted ones! ;) Paired it with my shorty short shorts and girly sandals and ta-da! An outfit post worth sharing!

I dunno what came into me when I added the bonnet to my outfit! I bought it 2 years ago but yesterday was  the first time I actually used it! An impulse buy, but came in handy yesterday (bad hair day, lol)
This pic! Hahaha, I really dunno what I'm doing (or trying to do) here! To smile or not to smile? =)))
Pardon the bow legs! And the awkward smile. 
Black V-neck Shirt: Bench (Boyfriend's) | Shorts: Landmark
Bonnet: Artwork
Sandals: People are People
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xx, Lui! ♥ 
P.S. I just wanna greet the Boyfriend, HAPPY 30TH MONTHSARY!! I promise to take care and (take home some more hihi) of your shirts! Hahaha! I love you to bits! ♥ xxxx

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