Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas (The Ordoño Way)

Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. I know I'm late at posting these photos but wth, I'm still in the Christmas mood (and did I mention that THIS is my favorite holiday? :p) so let me show you how we do Christmas, the Ordoño way (through photos)! Enjoy!
Step 1: Prepare all the gifts to be bought at Lola's house. These are the gifts Mom and Dad bought us. The others were packed on a different bag hahaha! 
Step 2:Prepare the camera (since your resident photographer, Tito Ed isn't around, you insist on taking his place with your trusty digicam lol)
Step 3: Take a family photo (with your matching red clothes hahahaha!) at your house.
Step 4: Go to Lola's house and start taking crazy photos with the whole clan.

In this case, take lots of photos! 

Step 5: Take a photo of yourself beside the Christmas tree (and all the gifts haha!)
Step 6: If you had an unexpected occurrence (i.e., seeing your cousin 'kalbo' or something) in the family, make sure to take a photo of'/with it. Haha! 

Step 7: Take a mandatory family photo with Lola. I just love this pic. Look at Keisha teaching Lola her pose! :)
Our family :)
We all look alike, noh? Haha!
Tito Boni's family. With pa-fierce Kuya Bonbon on the side hahahaha!
Tito Lino's family. The tallest cousins I have! 

Step 8: Take a photo of Lola with her sons and daughter.  
Step 9: Take a photo of Lola and her grandchildren 

Lace lovers
Step 10: After all the picture-taking, time to give away all the gifts! That's ate Loreen, doing the calling while Jem takes the responsibility of being the Runner that night (also known as the Giver hahahahalol) 
Baby John balancing all his gifts, haha!
Crazy picture. Look at all the derp faces! Lola's so cute!! Hahahahaha!
Baby John AGAIN with all his gifts.
Look what I got! Haha! Lol, it's actually a necklace and earrings set wrapped in a Colgate box. Hahahaha!
Lola with her boys showing off their Aeropostale backpacks. Look how happy she was with Kuya Bonbon's haircut hahahahaha! 
Step 11: Bonding time! 

Step 12 would have been "Go Skyping with our fambam in Kansas" but I didn't take any photos of that, hahaha! This is how we usually spend Christmas. Did I mention that this is the first Christmas without Lolo? And based on the photos, I think Lola had moved on. I'm happy she's happy. Lolo, wherever you are right now, we really miss you. It was really weird seeing "From Lola" not "From Lolo and Lola" on all the Christmas envelopes we received. I dunno. But we miss you. Don't worry, we're keeping Lola happy. Have fun having beer or something with God up there mehehe! 

Prolly too late to ask this but, how did you guys spend Christmas? 

xx, Lui! 

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