Monday, November 12, 2012

Wanderlust: Visayas Part 1!

Hello, dearies! As promised, here's the LEGIT blog post of my 8 -day vacay in Samar/Leyte! First of all, I, Maria Luiza Elardo Ordoño, forgot to take outfit shots, on purpose. Haha! I just spent my vacation bonding with my mom's side of the family and boy, it was  so much fun! The last time I bonded with them was when I was, I dunno, 6 or 7 years old? Imagine? 12 years had already passed! Actually, it was my first time to go to my Mom's hometown. My younger sister and I were born here in MNL while my older sisters were born, well in Palompon. I've never had the chance to go there. And as they say, first times are always unforgettable.

Not to bore you guys with my blab, here are some of the pictures! Enjoy!! 

Ate Louise and I. We look alike, noh?
Mom and tito Bobet

The only thing I love about red-eye flights: watching the sun rise!
Packed up a lot! Haha! 
Insert ate Loreen and baby Keish here!
I'm a friggin' bee again! Bzzt bzzt! 
Went to Gramps' grave first before heading to Basey. :)
Hello soldier Gramps. My mom told me a lot about you. Sigh, I wish I've met you. 

Slippers! Hahahahahaha!
Mandatory family shot!
Dad's office in Basey! The only place in Basey where there's wifi!! Hahaha!
Ahhh, the beach!!!
We actually slept all day on our first day in Basey. Red-eye flight + too much excitement = NO SLEEP. Swam our asses off the next morning, though. Love how secluded the beach was! I mean, it was just us! The beach was all ours.. well, except for the two stray dogs we found lurking around. It was really relaxing. I miss it already!

The next photos are.. umm.... sort of, in lack of better term,  "nakakaumay" Hahaha! Me wearing a 2-piece is not something I'd usually post here on my blog but since this might be the only time I am THIS skinny, I might as well share it to you. Please, no judging okaaaaaay? Thanks! :)

A- waitforit- MAZING!!! Just look at that view!

Vain photo #1. Mehehe.
Vain photo #2
"Ate, ate picture-an mo ko ng nakatalikod, daliiii!" Oh the things I do for blogging. Haha!

Vain photo #3
Ang ganda... ng background. Hahaha!

Vain photo #4
I hate how these photos turned out. Against the light!! I actually had to click "backlight" a few times on Photoscape just to make the picture brighter. Oh well. Ginusto ko 'tong shot na 'toh eh! Haha!
Vain photo #5. 
Fun fact: I can't get fat. As much as I'd love to be a fatty, I can't. Trust me, I eat like a pig every meal, and I sleep a lot but nothing happens! I'm still a 25. I used to be a 28 but I tried on my younger sister's skinny pants and guess what?! It fit me! And it's a freakin' 25! Now almost all of my pants are either loose or baggy. I know a lot of girls' dream is to be skinny, or at least, eat a lot and not get fat, but believe it or not, I don't. I always get scolded by my Dad about how our dogs seem to be fatter than I am but just so everyone knows, I'm trying. Really, really trying to get fat.  

Vain photo #6.

Vain photo #7!
My tummy's a little bit bulged here. Heavy breakfast, I'm sorry! Hahaha! 
And so, that ends part 1 of my Visayas trip! I've actually been to 3 places in Viasayas: Basey, Tacloban and Palompon! Will blog about the other 2 soon, so, stay tuned!!

xx, Lui! 

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