Friday, November 23, 2012

Past 4am Thoughts

  • Why did I watch TLC at THIS hour?! All these food is making me hungry!!! And F my life, The Layover's Rome episode made me wanna rob a bank, get money enough to travel in Roma Italia and eat all those food Anthony Bourdain ate. That roast pig looks so F-ing good right now :( And beer, and gelato and pizza and pasta oh God whyyyy did I watch this!?
  • I should prolly be sleeping right now. 12pm movie date with the boyfriend later! And yes, I will watch Breaking Dawn part 2 again for Boyfriend's sake (and Taylor Lautner's abs, shhh)!! 
  • My nails need to be done soon. Been on hibernate mode (meaning no nailpolish/mani-pedi) for about a week now. I NEED TO PAINT THEM ASAP!
  • My planner is in pretty bad shape. I think it's about to give up on a few weeks, 3 weeks tops. Good thing it's almost December hihihi! SB 2013 planner, wait for me baby! :)
  • Why am I still not sleeping? 
  • Oh God what will I wear laterrrr
  • Will turn this thing off in a few.
  • JK, I'm still downloading The OC Mix (1-5). Not gonna turn it off lolololol
  • I miss Daddy. 
  • He'd prolly kill me if he catches me, still up and blogging.
  • That shrimp I ate for dinner is making my lips itchy bitchy right now. Not allergic, but why is it so itchy bitchy?! :(
  • My blog is getting a tad bit boring. So here are 2 crazy Mona Luiza pics for you! 
  • And you're prolly bored reading all my thoughts.
  • So goodnight you bored, lovely reader! :*
xx, Lui! 

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