Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outfit post: We'll Be Coming Back

So here's what I wore last Undas. It's been quite a long time since I last posted an outfit post sooooo I decided to wear something out of the ordinary. Mehehe. I don't usually wear sneakers but wth, I was feeling a bit adventurous that day so I did. And not a regret was made! (especially since we went to the park afterwards, whew!)

Wore matchy-matchy outfit with my sisters! One of the greatest things about having 3 sisters is that we can exchange and borrow clothes from one another, making dressing up more fun!! I'm the 3rd daughter and having a skinny bod gets me to wear all clothes, from the oldest, ate Loreen, to the bunso, Lizette. 

On to the outfit, I borrowed my younger sister's plaid shirt and traded my black Converse with her blue ones. Hihi! Added my cutesy-backpack from Vietnam, and voila! I look like a camper! Well, sort of. ;) 

Pa-fierce kunwari hihihi pagbigyan! 

Handmade friendship bracelets courtesy of yours truly! Made another one sooo watch out for that :) 
Don't you just love the subtle aztec print on this bag? Plus the color/s! I was lucky enough to get this bag since it's the last stock they got at Ben Tanh Market (Vietnam).  

Don't forget to hype this look on Lookbook!

Plaid polo: Hot Kiss | Bag: Vietnam | Sneakers: Converse
Here are some of the photos last Undas! :) Enjoy! 
Himlayang Pilipino >> Loyola Memorial >> Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife >> Marikina Riverbanks! Tiring day, but fun, fun, fun! 

It's only been 8 months but we miss you Lolo. Christmas and New Year will never be the same again. Hope you're happy chilling and drinking beer with God up there hehehe :) WE MISS YOU! :)

Sisters! Lizette, moi, Ate Louise and Ate Loreen. Plaid lovin'!!!! <3

Love these girls to bits!!! 
Find the odd one! (May mapagpanggap na Red Keds! Hahaha!)
Baby Keish! Gosh, she's so big na! Awww :') Cutiepatootie!
Cowboys! Santa Monica vs. Canada! Haha! Candid photo of Dad and kuya Bonbon :)
Cousin John-john! Fisheeyeeeee~ 

My very maarte pamangkin! Manang-mana sa Titas niya! Haha!

Split shot! 2 Lizettes bullying Therese! Hahahaha!

As to this post's title, I am currently addicted to Calvin Harris' We'll Be Coming Back. Such a feel good song! Listen to it! :) Bet you'll get LSS too! Hahaha! 

xx, Lui! 

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