Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garnier GACC Awards Night

Late post, pardon my tardiness, my dears! :)

Attended the Garnier Get-Active Campus Challenge Awards Night last October 18 at The Atrium  of Enderun Colleges as one of the EXECOM representatives of Polytechnic of the Philippines. Before the first semester started, Garnier had teamed up with 9 schools to promote beauty and wellness and PUP was chosen to be a part of it. Our college, CTHTM, with the help of our ever dearest Chairperson, Ms. Luzviminda O. Tugade, the Execom and the whole 4th year community were able to accomplish everything, kickoff and implementation, even with some serious hindrances that we've encountered.

To simply be a part of something this huge, is already an award for us. Even if we didn't win the ultimate prize of 100 thousand pesos, we still won one of the 3 (or 2? I cannot remember sorry!) minor prizes, the Garnier Red Rejuvenating Award (Creative Treatment Award) for having the most well thought-of event among the 9 schools that competed. Also, having Georgina Wilson say "PUP is still the winner in my heart" and that she'd love to come back to our school is something much more rewarding than 100k. Well, sort of. All in all, it was such a fun event!

Mr. Major F. Masa

Ms. Georgina Wilson, looking fab as ever.

She looks perfect even on stolen shots!! 
Georgina with the event's host, Mr. Atom Araullo
PUP representative, Pamela San Jose, interviewed by the two. I swear, Pam's confidence stood out among the rest!

Killer heels!

Congratulations, University of Mindanao!

Hung out at Eastwood after the event! Ate dinner at Mcdo and bonded all night long! :) 
With Marga!
The Anonas girls/MMMs!! (L-R) Maria (yeah, me!) Marga and Mara! :)
Changed to flats as soon as the event ended! My feet hurt from all the standing we did! Haha!

(L-R) Pam, Me, Kayen, Jac, Marga and Greggy!
Team PUP! (L-R) Reven, Athina, Kayen, Mara, Marga, Me, Pam and Bien.
On to my outfit, I was really confused that night. Everything was sooo last minute and I threw on the first dress I saw fit for the occasion. Opted for the semi-sophisticated look that suited really well with the event. Truth be told, I've never really loved violet until that day I wore this dress! It's so lovely, especially the sheer top part and the details on the left arm! I love it! 

Sheer lovin'!
Wore the bracelet I got from Candy Mag, for the first time! So cute! 

Don't forget to hype this look on Lookbook:
Dress: Celine | Peep-toe Pumps: Figliarina | Bag: Victoria's Secret

xx, Lui! 

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