Tuesday, November 6, 2012


"Coaaaach, No-no-no-no-norman, No-no-norman, THANK YOUUU!"
Up until now, I can still recall the joyous and lively chant as I joined the sea of different shades of blue, in giving thanks to the man who made the 5-peat possible, Coach Norman Black. It was such a fun event, even though it's just me and my cousin Therese (with Tito Ed hanging out at the ADMU HS'70 booth). Truth be told, that even though I've been to a few university events, (UST's Paskuhan, UP fair and Lantern Parade to be named a few) Ateneo's bonfire stood out amongst all of it. Simple event but the crowd was unbelievable, and even though they are all "conyo" and whatevs, their (well, some of them) personality really is something. I remember bumping into someone and though it's actually my fault, clumsiness and all, he was the one who apologized. They really are courteous and good. Well, some of them. And with that, I take back everything I said about conyo people, HAHA! 

It's really sad that Coach Norman had to leave the team. I know we, ADMU fans, are all gonna miss him. The whole crowd chanted "ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!" when Coach Norman Black made his speech. 

Mr. MVP hihihi! :D

And the bonfire was lit! 

The event was something I can never forget, what with all the excitement I had whilst having my picture taken with tons of players I've had a crush on for a long time now. Chris Tiu, Jai Reyes, Kris Porter and of course, Mr. MVP himself, Nico freakin' Salva!! Funny story, my cousin and I just got out of the loo and one of the guards told us the gate was closed and we have to go through the back gate. And I was really glad we did! Saw Nico Salva alone (waiting for Karla, maybe? hmm hihi) and that was when I went all girly!! I mean, REALLY girly. My voice was high-pitched and I cannot stop smiling! Gaaah! 


Free BOOZE!!!!
With Chris Tiu :) Sorry for the happy-haggard face! 
Jai Reyes!!! 
Kris Porter!!
Yael Yuzon, rocking the crowd with Spongecola's hits, Bitiw and Jeepney!


Now, speeches were made, and cheers were shouted. With the symbolic bonfire lighted, the crowd chanted their alma mater song, with matching light fist pumps in the air. I dunno what the lyrics were so I just joined the fist pumping, haha! The fireworks begun and the concert commenced.

All in all, it was such a fun night and I cannot wait for next year's bonfire! Yes, I believe they'll win again, one true ADMU fan, right here! Go for 6-peat! :)   

xx, Lui! 

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