Monday, November 12, 2012

110612. For the Boyfriend

In an hour, I will love you.
For 29 months and 10 days, I still do.
5 years, 12 years, maybe,
I know I'd love you through and through.

I love how you always challenge me,
like you've always been born to be.
I love you how you call me baby,
and how you treat me like a lady.

I love how, when we'd order fries,
you'd always ask for a bag of salt, or two.
I love how you treat me nice,
just how you are supposed to.

I love it when you speak the truth,
even though it hurts, at least you're honest.
I love it when you sing me songs,
your voice, the best among the rest.

I can't stand not being with you,
for you take away all the blues.
I can never be away,
in your arms, I'd be more than willing to stay.

I may never understand how you can love me,
your girlfriend, who's bipolar and moody.
I've never met someone like you, baby,
you still love me even if I'm a tad bit crazy.

The shortcomings, and flaws you have,
I love you even though you make me mad.
You made me cry, you made me laugh,
through it all, you're the best I've ever had.

I never planned on loving you,
but the first time we met, I always knew.
That you will always be the one for me,
Is forever okay, baby?

xx Lui! ♥ 

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