Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wanderlust: Vietnam Day 2

Day 2 itinerary is actually pretty cool. Having breakfast that day, I remember being too excited that I barely slept the night before! Excitement + some other stuff made me stay up so late, I think I slept around 5am. Whew.

Anyhoo, not to bore you guys with my blab, here are the photos! Will tell you my experience through captions! Enjoy! :)

BSTM 4-1N. Yep, not everyone joined the Vietnam tour. Just the 11 of us... but that didn't stop us from having F-U-N! :) 
This stray dog we found in front of the hotel is just too cute! Seeee! He even posed for me! :3 Aww!
Our very friendly/awesome tourguide, Mr. Tran Phuc! His english name is Steven though. :) 

Busmate! Mam Yves. She looks like a student too, noh? Til' know I still dunno why I am always seated next to a professor or someone NOT a student. Hahahaha! Am I really that pasaway?! JK! 

Bzzt bzzt say hello to my Gaga/bumblebee shades! Bzzt!
Rush hour in Viet Nam! 

First stop! Went to Suoi Tien Theme Park, and boy was it amazing!! It's not your typical theme park, what with all the temples and dragons and everything-Buddhist you'll find! 

I just had to take a picture with this turtle! I'm like a turtle, really. Slow-moving and umm, I can never leave without a bag! Just look at the photo! =)) 

Oppa Gangnam style in Vietnam with Gem and Jane!! Haha awesome Dudes are AWESOME! 
"Are we lost?!" - Me 

One of the many temple-like-structures we saw! I'm a fan of gold, and seeing these structures made me think, "Damn, are those real?!"  Haha!
Find the Buddha! Can you see it? :) 

The place is also filled with trees with branches like these (ooh rhyme)! I wonder how the place looks like at night. I bet it's creepy. O.O

Aye, aye captain!

This one is pretty cool.... and very HUUUUGE. 


Now it's time to do some mimicking! First one!
Second one!

And the last one! Haha!
Hihi, the Buddhas are happy with what I did! Hahahaha! 
Random restaurant inside the Theme Park! Lanterns! <3 

Flowers! (used my digicam's "vignetting effect" hihi shh)

My favorite one! Thanks to Samsung WB150F digicam's manual feature!

Ferris wheel! We wanted to ride this one but it's too slow, boohoo. -.-'

Lunch at Ben Nay restaurant! 
The place was really nice, though, I can't show you coz' my camera died after I took pictures of the food. :( The restaurant is situated in front of a a lake and the view was just fanta-bulous!

Til' now, I'm still grateful that my Dad taught me how to eat vegetables; that veggies are good. I truly appreciated Vietnamese cuisine during our stay there. The veggies and of course, the spicy fooooooods! Yum!  

Next stop: Cu Chi tunnel! One of the highlight of our tour! Photos here are from my friend's cam (credits to you, Jonha dude!!) The experience was just so memorable! Imagine crawling your ass out of a 100-meter tunnel just as tall as your hips! It was fun at first, but my body got sore the next day! I remember my body being super sore, like, every step I made was pure agony. Tip when entering the Cu Chi tunnels: have a short warm up! Stretch those muscles of yours so you wouldn't suffer like we did! :) 

Here are the photos! Enjoy! 

Mam Yves, sharing a cup with these soldiers! Haha!
4-1N with the Professors! :)
I dunno what these "people" are made of but its creepy how they looked sooo real to me! 

Ackk! This one's the most real-looking figure I've ever seen! 

Giant slipper!!!

The different traps they used during the Vietnam War. Imagine, they won using these man-made traps! Awesome! 
See that hole? Mr. Steven told us these were made for the Vietnamese people to be able to breathe inside the tunnels. :)
Happy-haggard face after that very fun (and very dark) Cu Chi tunnel adventure!
Candid! Hey Mr. Officer, why are you following me?! Hahahaha!

HI DUDES!!! <3
So that ends my Day 2 in Vietnam blogpost! Sorry for the uber long post again but I hope you had a great time reading it! Wait for my days 3 and 4 posts! Already drafting 'em! Goodnight, my loves! :)

xx, Lui!   

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