Saturday, October 27, 2012

Visayas via Phone Part 2!

Currently having a movie marathon with my cousins here in Palompon! Here are some of the photos taken after Lola's birthday celebration!

Went to the beach (again) and of course, had some booze! I am truly amazed by how high the Elardo fambam's tolerance to alcohol is! ''Di ka Elardong babae kung hindi ka malakas uminom!'' as tita Nenette would say. Ever since our stay here last Tuesday, not a day goes by that we didn't drink! I'm currently in this state where my tummy is so big, I look like 3months' preggy! But nooooo, it's just that my nonexistent-one-week-ago Beer Belly is showing! Been drinking for 4 days straight now and I'm VERY proud to say that I haven't puked once. Yey, achievement!

Then last night, we went to this place called Mr. D! (Palompon's version of Tides/Padis) I actually didn't know we were gonna go there and I showed up wearing a t-shirt. Good thing, Palompon people like to chill in their 'pambahay' clothes so we fit right in! Haha! Last night was crazy fun but I can't blog about what happened. Hahaha! Let's just say, what happens in Palompon stays in Palompon. :-)

As much as I love it here (eating, drinking and bumming around all day) I can't help but miss Manila! I've missed a lot of happenings back there and I srsly cannot wait to go back! :)

Stay tuned for my proper blogpost about Tacloban! :)

xx, Lui! <3

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