Thursday, October 18, 2012


Aaaaaand I'm back! Sorry if I've been missing in action this past few weeks guys!!! It's not my fault though. Had tons of acad-related stuffs to finish plus my laptop gave up on me just when I needed it the most! :(( Imagine, I've got two magazines to finish and a resume to be done and it gave up on me. Sigh. Now I'm cramming. BIGTIME. 

The duck fez.
This is me, taking a break from doing a bunch of articles and our magazine cover (hyped up on caffeine!!!). Haha! Stay tuned! Got lots of posts drafted for you guys to make up for the weeks I haven't blogged! Sembreak's just a few days away and I srsly cannot wait to go on vacay! 

Goodnight everyone! 
xx, Lui! 

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