Friday, September 28, 2012

Wanderlust: Vietnam Day 1

(Brace yourselves, my dears, this is a photo-HEAVY post. 50+ photos up ahead!)

Hello readers! I'm back from my 4d/4n stay in Vietnam! It's only been a week since I got back but I'm already missing Vietnam BIG TIME! I still can't believe it's all over now. After all those months of preparing and organizing, it's done! (September, why are you sooooo fast?)

This is the first out-of-the-country experience I had and needless to say, it was one helluvah trip! The place, the people and the food = so VietnAMAZING! It's a lot like the Philippines but with a different language. And they have tons of motorcycles. 

Anyhoo, let me tell you my Vietnam experience through photos! Enjoy! :)

All our bags are packed, we're ready to go. Lalala~

NAIA Terminal 3 

All aboard! (Me, Lec, Kayen, Reven and Athina)

Twin bags! Jane's and Jeryll's!

"PUP Tourism Goes to Vietnam!" This is it, you guys! 

Plane-mates! Mam Amy and Mam Yo :) 

Ho Chi Minh/Saigon city lights.

Tocuhdown, SGN!
Tan Son Nhat International Airport (largest airport in Viet Nam!)
Looks like NAIA Terminal 3! Haha, 
Yep, my baggage is labeled as FRAGILE! (what with all the certificates inside!) 
First day photos! We don't have an itinerary on our first day since we're the first batch hence, we had the day all to our selves! The first thing we did was exchanged our USDs (US Dollar) to VNDs (Viet Nam Dong). 100USD = 2,050,000VND. Yep, we were millionaires in Viet Nam! Went shopping at Ben Tanh market (pretty much like Divisoria here in the Philippines) and bargained our asses off all day! It was so much fuuuuuun! 

VNDs! Yep, that's Ho Chi Minh (Viet Nam's national hero) right there. 

Front desk of Le Duy Hotel where we stayed for 4 days :)

There's a park just a few blocks away from our hotel. AWSM.
On our way to Ben Tanh. Yep, you can walk from Le Duy to Ben Tanh. It's THAT near. Woooohoo.
Random vendor I spotted on the streets of Le Loi.
Ben Tanh Market!
Dropped by Baskin Robbins for a quick ice cream fix before lunch! :)

Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream (big fan of almonds, right here!!)

Lunch at Pho24!

Had Com Tam Bi, Op La (rice with shredded pork skin I think :D) for lunch! Costs around 45, 000 VND. 

Their 6,000 VND Iced tea. Now don't be fooled, we all thought it's the same Iced tea we take here in the Philippines (sweet and yummy) but no, it really is tea, guys. Iced TEA. Ordered a buko juice after realizing it's actually a tea. 
Next stop: Ben Tanh market! Here are some of the goodies you can find! They are all sooo cute, I wanna buy a piece of each!! <3

At the park, while waiting for the others (Kayen, Jane, Jec, Flo, me, Ate Shara) 

Hi girls! :)

Smile for the camera, you guysssss <3

Saw this fashionable stranger crossing the street! I love her skirt! Not really a fan of pink though, but I like her skirt! Mehehe!

Candid shot of Kayen taking my outfit photos hahahaha! 

Back at the hotel, preppin' to shop some more that night! 

Kayen, Marga and I :)

Some random hotel. 

Another street vendor! (sorry for the blurry pic mehehe)
Ho Chi Minh city at night :)

Shopping for purses! Hello Athinaaaa <3 

Cutiepatootie lanterns!!! <3 

Ben Tanh market at night. 
The day market (inside the Ben Tanh) closes at 6pm to prepare for the 8pm night market outside. We seriously waited for the 8pm night market! They say if you are their first customer, you get huge discount! I bought a bag of Trung Nguyen coffee which costs around 200,000 VND, and I got it for 100,000 VND since I was their first customer! The vendor told me not to tell anyone hoho but I did. >:)

Happy, haggard faces after shopping! 

Late dinner at Pho

Pho's friendly crew!

Pho Tai Nam (noodles with medium rare and flank)

Fully loaded!
Whew, that was the longest post I've ever done! Hope you had fun reading and browsing the pics, my dears! Feel free to comment. This is only one of the many posts I have about my Vietnam experience! Til' then, goodnight my loves! <3

PS. Comment your blog here guys, I'd love to read all about your travel/fashion posts! :)

xx, Lui 

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