Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wanderlust: Ilocos Day 3 and 4

If you guys must know, days 3 and 4 had the same itinerary as days 1 and 2. Here's why: we were tasked to join the Ilocandia tour of two batches (batch 1: Freshmen and batch 2: Sophomores) Their itinerary is basically the same except they were on reverse, meaning batch one's day 1 is batch two's day 3. Also, batch one was a day ahead than batch 2, hence, we stayed there for 4 days. :)

Anyhoo, both batches were fun! We had tons of epic moments with both batches and I'm really happy coz' Jac and I were treated as if we're really special. Haha! Not to bore you guys with words, here are the photos! Enjoy! :)

Christle, me, Athina and Jac!

With ate Lengel, sir Ovie and our tour guide (forgot her name lol)

We had another social night that day. Theme: Retro! Wore the shortest dress I hav! Hahaha! 

My long lost sister, ate Star! A lot of people told me that we look a like! :) Do we? :)

With kuya MJ! :)

With Athina and the winning group for the best presentation! They deserved it! :D

Cutest outfit I saw that night! (We Found Love daw ang peg niya hihihi)

With cutiepatootie, Gia!
With Sarah! :)

DOCU team reprezzzzent!!!

With the best Bekis in town! :) 
Last day! Pagudpud, AGAIN! :) 

Patapat viaduct again :)

Batac empanada

Sunset. Farewell Ilocos! :D

So that ends our Ilocos trip! Currently here in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for our 25th MICE class convention! Will be drafting posts about it so keep in touch guys! :D

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