Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wanderlust: Ilocos Day 2

(WARNING: This is a photo-heavy post, my loves. A lot of things happened on Day 2 hehe)

Second day in Ilocos = the best! Reason? Pagudpud and Bangui, baby! 

First stop: the Bangui windmills. 

The first time I went there (last 2010, I think), the sight was breathtaking. To see the windmills standing tall along the shore was just awesome. Plus, when we went there, the windmills are working. Last September 2 and 3, it wasn't coz' the wind was not that strong. But still, it was as breathtaking to see as it was the first time. 

Jump shot, of course :) 

Souvenir keychains. 

Next stop: Patapat Viaduct
The Patapat Viaduct is a bridge located at the side of a mountain (which mountain that is, I dunno haha) It connects Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan Valley Region. Nice.

Trivia: If you sing the "Lupang Hinirang" at the starting point of the bridge, the moment you finish the song is the exact same time the bridge ends. Cool right? Try it when you pass by this bridge :) 

Clear waters under the bridge :)

Photo op!

Split shot!

Jessa, Me, Mark and Mam Rhea.

If you'll look closely,  you'll see how my bathing suit is peeking from my top. Hahaha! That's how excited I was for Pagudpud! :) 

Funny thing about this pic: You see that guy at the right side? His name is Greg. See how shocked he was in this pic? That's because his bus left him and he was forced to run after it hahaha! Funny sitch, really =))

And yea, he stayed for another pic. Hahahaha! Awesome Greg is AWESOME!!
Third stop: Villa Del Mar resort. We ate our lunch here :) 

Lunch with the TA (travel agency) staff! 


Last stop: Pagudpud Beach
Pagudpud is also known as the "Boracay of the North" and as to my experience last 2010 (and last September 2 and 3 hehe), it deserves to be called one. The sand is just so white but I think not as fine as the ones in Boracay.  

GPOY. Just look at that clear, blue water!! Amazing!

Aldwin, Pam, Me, and Greggy!! 


When we got back to Fort Ilocandia here's the first thing we did...
Photoshoot! Haha! Photoshoot against the wall of our hotel room veranda. =))

Jac, Jessa and I

Later that night, we had a 'social night', with the theme "Dress to Impress". Everyone looked superb and debonair though some wore something over the top. It's kind of shocking to see how loud and wild the freshmen students are. Come late night, everyone danced like there's no tomorrow. It's nice though, but a bit disturbing really.

Here are some of the pics :) Enjoy!

Mam Rhea, Jac and I
With Mam Liz, Sir G and Mam Rej
With Nico Ang (?) the hearthrob of the batch, I think?
TA staff! New friends! :) 

Greggy! :)

With the TA staff again! :)

With Aldwin!

Aztec-print skirt!!! <3 Will blog about this look, soon!

With Kent! My semi-crush (semi talaga?) Pedo alert, he's only a sophomore!
But daaaaaamn, HE'S CANADIAN! <3
Last shot! 
Told you this will be a photo-heavy post! Will blog about the 3rd and 4th day soon! :) 
Credits to Jac P. and the TA's cam for some of the pics! :)


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