Sunday, September 9, 2012

Outfit post: The Lazy Look

Here's what I wore on our first day in Ilocos. Opted for the 'lazy look' since I knew I'd be doing tons of stuff on the first day. Funny thing, I never really thought of what to wear on the first day. I just threw on the first thing I saw on my closet and voila! Hello, lazy look! 

This is my first time to ever post a look so please bear with my awkward poses! Hahaha! 

Test shot.

Blowfish, baby! :*

You see, I'm the 'shirt and jeans' type of girl. It's one of the reasons why I decided to blog about my looks: to somehow change this part of me who's go-to outfits are jeans and a shirt. Let's see how much change there'll be at the end of 2012, if I ever got the hang of regularly blogging about my looks.

Sunnies - SM Dept. Store | Flats - Shoegar | Pants - Next Jeans |
Watch - XOXO | Bracelets - random Vigan souvenir shop

Photos by: Jac P. 
Post proceesed by: Yours truly :)

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More outfit posts (fresh from Ilocos!) to come! Have a blessed Sunday everyone! 
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