Saturday, September 15, 2012

Outfit post: Everything Awkward

Here's what I wore on the Dress to Impress-themed social night we had at Fort Ilocandia last September 2! Opted for the "party-slash-semi-office-look-plus-the-flats-I-wore-for-a-bunch-of-times-on-that-trip-coz'-it's-the-only-pair-I-bought-with-me!" Wew that was long!

Anyhoo, I just love how colorful the skirt is! I'm currently in this phase where my love for anything Aztec/tribal and colorful is HUGE! As in! Plus it fits me right, making it very easy to move around without worrying whether my skirt's zipper is showing or not!

In line with that, I'm also currently addicted to MTV's Awkward (hence the title)!! I used to be a Team Matty in season 1 but I feel really bad for Jake in season 2! </3 Jake seemed like the perfect boyfriend, a bit insecured though, but realllly I like him!! Now I'm torn between the two of them!! Haha! 

Now onto my outfit, my poses are all VERY awkward. Hahahaha! Idc, it's just my 3rd outfit post, I still have tons of time practicing my poses. Hohoho!



Thanks to Miss Tati of Bubbles for this awesome skirt!!! 
Orange Sheer top: Fab Boutique | Tribal-print skirt: Bubbles | Necklace - 168

You can hype this look on my Lookbook account! :)

Again, thanks to my awesome photograper/twin, Jac P! Love you forevs!! <3
xx, Lui! 


  1. nice skirt! the place
    looks really amazing!

    btw- come drop by my blog if you have time
    and maybe follow if you like.
    I would love to have more filipina
    blogger friends. thanks :)


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