Friday, September 7, 2012

Wanderlust: Ilocos Day 1

This had to be the best perk I've ever got since I became a part of the Executive Committee in our school. Together with my Documentation committee head, Jac, we were given the privilege join the freshmen and sophomore's Ilocandia tour for free. We were tasked to cover the whole event plus take videos and pictures of the beautiful places in Ilocos for our promotional video to be presented on out Vietnam convention.

Not to bore you guys with words, here's how our first day in Ilocos went. Enjoy! Comments after! :)

First stop: Bantay Church!

Bantay Bell Tower

Me and Jac! :)

Me, Mam Rhea, Greggy Mehaj and Jessa

Next stop: Burgos National Museum

So nice seeing kalesas everywhere! It's like their second mode of trasportation next to tricycles and motorcycles! 

Inside the Burgos Museum

3rd stop: Baluarte ni Singson.

BTW, notice how this pic is on fish-eye mode? It's just one of the many effects my new camera, Samsung Wifi WB150F, has! 

The thing with Ilocos is that almost all of their establishments is structured like this: old and Spanish-inspired/columned buildings.
Even their fast food chains are structured like this. Awesome!

4th stop: Vigan Heritage Village

Common souvenirs in Ilocos: Ethnic bags

Colorful lanterns

Statement shirts

And of course: Ref magnets and Vigan purses!

Saw this dessert shop in Vigan. I dunno if it's the same as Dulcinea here in Manila.

Me, Mam Rhea and Pam

Jump shot!

Seeeee! Look at their fast food chain!

Last stop that day: Paoay Church
Of all the places in Ilocos, this had to be the one you should not miss out! 

The view is, like, the perfect example of a picturesque photo with an eerie feel to it, 
what with the calm and silent ambiance.
Another effect on my new digicam: the Split Shot! 

Vigan Cathedral

Touchdown, Fort Ilocandia!

Chillin' like a villain outside the hotel. 

Dinner at Palacio de Laoag.

Toying with Jac's dslr :)
And that's how our first day went. Will blog about the rest of the tour soon! Got tons of school stuff to do so please bear with me if I can't post regularly. Hehehehe. 

Credits to Jac P. for some of the photos on this post!! Awesome photographer/twin sister, ever!! 


  1. i have always ALWAYS wanted to go to Vigan! i am so jealous right now! Vigan will be on top of my list when i come back to the Phils!

    1. Hi Eunica! :) You should!!! It was breath taking. Wait til' you see my post on Bangui windmills and Pagudpud! It was awesome! :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me, I need to go to Vigan soon! :)



    1. Don't forget to go to Laoag too! :) Hehe.


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