Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On College Courses

"Never EVER underestimate someone's course. 
You have NO idea what their course is all about."

I read something tonight that pissed me off. I can't help it if I overreacted because honestly, things like that has to stop. I have zero tolerance on nonsensical things.

What I read was a blog entry about how pathetic HRM and Tourism courses are. I got offended, because I've heard it all before, and as foolish as this may sound (what with all the close-mind of some people, etc) I want it to stop. 

That mindset where HRM and Tourism students are just 'servants' the moment they graduate.

I mean, come on people. Just because our course seems easy doesn't mean it actually IS easy. Just like you guys, we have tons of difficult shit to deal with and compared to other courses I think HRM and Tourism are one of the hardest ones because 

a) we have to deal not just with tour package costing or flair bartending, but we have to impress people with what we've got (style and practicality, that is).

b) we do not just deal with memorizing the world map (capital, currency, highest peak, main gateway, language and foreign exchange rates included), but we have to know a bit of history of every country on every continent to sell it effectively on people.

c) we do not just cook your food and make epic designs on it, but we have to deal with the customers' unbelievable wants and demands with a smile.

d) just look at the majority of HRM and Tourism students! They look good right? But little did you know, those pretty faces hide tons and tons of stress brought about by dealing with different people, every single day.

The thing is, we do not just deal with work, we deal with servicing the people. 

With a smile and on high heels.

The list goes on. And please, never think of the Hospitality industry as a dying one because every single day, tourists from other countries come and go. There is and will always be people to guide and service, now, think of who will assist to their needs? Engineering students? Accountancy? Nursing? HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT STUDENTS people! 

There's a reason why Hospitality Management is a course, not just a subject. Just think of a country without it? Restaurants without service crews? Airlines without flight stewardess and cabin crews? Hotels without receptionists? How will you guys book a flight? The internet? Hell no! Those are still done by the Hospitality management students who, in time, will be future ticketing agents. 

We maybe servants, but hey, just wait til' you guys know how high our salary gets!

Point is, it's not about what course you take, or how hard your course is. It's about the importance of each and every course. Our course may not be as hard as Law or Accounting or Engineering, but our course is just as important. Keep that in mind before you judge someone else's course.

Never ever belittle one's course until you've taken them. 

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