Friday, August 24, 2012

Bloggers United 3

This is such a late post (2 months late, I think?) Gaaah. Pardon my laziness hahaha!

Last June 2, I FINALLY (yes, finally) attended the Blogger's United 3 at Manila Grandsview Place in Makati! My original plan was to miss the event (coz' I'm a bit broke hahaha) but, the night before the event, I was tweeted by one of my favorite bloggers, Vern Enciso, saying I won one of the tickets she's giving away. Thinking it'd be a waste if I didn't come so I did! And I gotta say, not a regret was made! It was super F-U-N! 

Not to bore you guys with words here are the pics! Enjoy!

With Camille Co

With Verniece Enciso.

With Lissa Kahayon.

With Anastasia Siantar
With Cheyser Pedregosa

With Robbie Becroft

With Victor Basa

Canon Ixus brand ambassadors!

Look at my happy face! Haha won something from Maybelline for wearing an animal print dreaa. Haha!


Anastasia Siantar!!

My twin sister/shopping buddy,Jac! 

Bromance! Intense! :) 

With Melai, the awesome host and organizer! Got my fringe bag from her booth! 

Finally met Vern Enciso! Thanks for the ticket! :*

With David Guison :">

New friend, Karlotabels! Hahaha! 

Bumped into my hs mate Aly and her bf Gian :)

Deadly heels!


With Kryz Uy
With Patricia Prieto

With Divine Lee

With Laureen Uy

The place was packed with bloggers and shoppers alike! It's like being on cloud 9! :)

Met all of my favorite bloggers in just one day!! Ahhh! It feels like heaven, I never thought I'd see them in person! Plus, SHOPPING!! I scored a fringe bag, printed leggings, lace top and a Zara vest! Total steal! 

Man, I cannot wait for Blogger's United 4! Credits to Jac P. for the photos! 

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