Sunday, February 26, 2012

Night Full of Fail


Kinda waited for this night to come. UP FAIR '12. I had big plans but little by little, it got hijacked by some weird happenings such as a) Babe can't come b) Nikka can't come too c) Mignon (who initiated that we go together at the fair) can't come tooo! and F all our lives d) IT RAINED. It rained hard enough to get the Sunken Garden super muddy that it was like walking on quicksand every single step that we take. Bummer, really. I was srsly looking forward to this day. And the after-fair shots we planned to do at Tides. But with just me, Ara, Jerk and Jeph, it kinda got boring.

Ara and I decided to leave UP and just head on to Tides while Jerk and Jeph stayed at the fair. We headed off to Tides but the line was toooo long and we're both hungry so we decided not to drink and just pig out at Shakeys (w/c is such a bad move coz' we should have just gone to Maginhawa St. and pigged out at all the food stores and restos lined there) since we're both craving for Mojo's.

My favorite flats :((( 

Mojos!!! Got a bit disappointed with the sauce coz' it seems like they added water to it. Blech. 

The first night I ever went out without a bag. Just a purse and my cellphone. (I put my cam on Ara's bag hihihihi) 

BFF Ar♥  

Texting my Dad, I mean Babe. Srsly, he was really concerned that night since he couldn't come. Hahaha!

Ara's Crocs. :|

My glittered doll shoes lost its shine! Damn that mud! :(

Afterwards, we went back to Ara's place and had a TVD marathon (we both share unimaginably huge love for Damon) when Jerk and Jeph went back too! Yey! Ara and I thought they're gonna finish the concert but they got pissed by the muddy venue and that JJ (Jumping Jologs, usually found on fairs, concerts etc.)! Hahaha! Anyhoo, they (yes, they) decided to play cards. Tong its (?) & Pusoy Dos, both of which I have no idea how to play. I ended up being DJ of the night and played Urbandub since we didn't get the chance to watch them live. Le sigh. 

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