Thursday, February 16, 2012

Late post.


Another uber late post for this Feb. Jonha's 18th part 1. Yes, part 1. The actual day (part 1) and the actual celebration (part 2, w/c I'll post later) Anyhoo, we had so much fun that day. Surprised Jonha with a bouquet and balloons! Screwed college week and escaped to MOA. Had a super late lunch at Jay-j's Inasal with Jonha's mom and watched the sunset at the seaside. Come night time, went to Starbucks and chill before we headed home. A super fun birthday indeed! 

The surprise flowers and balloons..

Jonha and his big bro, Jay. 

Late lunch at Jay-j's Inasal with Jonha's mom pics...

Sunset by the seaside pics....

Pardon mi vanity :) 

MOA Eye. Similar to le London Eye in Europe. 

Chill time at Starbucks....

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