Monday, February 13, 2012

College Week!

I know, I know. My blog is 16 days late and believe it, or not, a lot has happened since then. To start off, it's PUP College of Tourism and Transportation Management's 12th College Week! Or should I say college days since it lasted for only 3 days. Prft. Had so much fun organizing the little photo exhibit assigned to our section! Our college week's theme is "It's more fun in the Philippines" since we are in the tourism industry and we're trying to promote the new tagline of DOT.

I have a bunch of photos since college week prep and the actual days and I srsly don't know how to upload ALL of it. 800+ pics I think? F my life! Add to that, I still feel too tamad to edit 'em and make them look like it came from a photobooth. Anyhoo, thanks to my light sched and whatnot, I manage to edit some of the important ones and upload them on FB so that leaves me to... 500+ more pics to edit *creys* Most of the pics are of the organizers, (ehem blockmates, ehem) I decided not to rush hahahaha!

Here are a few snapshots of our college week. Bet it's safe to say that, Tourism is truly more fun in PUP, I mean Philippines! :) Enjoy!

College week preparation pics...

Actual College week pics...

most liked pic. 

Retouching. Gahd, look at that hair! What a mess!

Tara na, Biyahe tayo!

BSTM 3-1N 

Yey, finally got to join them! 

Mentally retard. Forgive the F face. 

Photobooth pics..

Sir Ovie and Mam Reg

HAHAHAHA Sir Cabiling. He looks like Budoy! Ooopss. 

Cultural Presentation pics...

We didn't get to watch the PUP Tourism Ambassadress since it's one of our friend's birthday but I feel so proud that all the events were organized by us, the Juniors and all events were a success! Despite all the fights and struggles, all the Juniors managed to put on a good event.

College week, more fun in PUP CTHTM! God I love my college :)

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