Saturday, January 21, 2012

Define Late.

(Forgive this post. It's been stuck on my docs since I waited for my friend Ara to upload some pics. Prft.)

Last Tuesday (011012) was reallllyyy fun. My day went really smooth and suave. I woke up surprisingly cheerful (got enough sleep maybe) like, I have good vibes enough to suffice for the whole day. So I let it.

HBO class was so fun yesterday. Sir Soriano seemed too lazy to teach so we had, like, 2 free hours just chillin and telling jokes and wth, he even tripped one of our classmates. Hahaha, super fun.

And since we only had one class, we headed off to SM Centerpoint to buy some school stuff. Acrylic paint for our Humanities subj and etc. 

Then Eya and Ara texted me! They wanna meet up and just hang out or something. I told them to meet me at SB Alimall at 6pm. But as usual, I was late again. Funny, Eya and I are wearing our school uniforms and Ara was like, wearing a typical UPD student attire. With glasses. Hahahahaha. We look all weird together, funny. Brokenhearted girls, sharing sad sad stories over 2 cups of cold White Mocha and a Caramel frappe... Good times, good times. 

Hello Eya! Your hair is just adorbs! ;)

Ara and Eya! Lesbies, though they're not a couple! :)) 

Oh there's me! I look so haggard here! Plus, this isn't my angle! Hahaha!

Me. Ugh, my hair is getting curly again. =)) I want Eya's curly hair!!! 

And then our other friend, Mignon, decided to come with us too! (though she didn't get the chance to meet Eya so whatever) Anyhoo, after chillin' at SB, we went window shopping! As always, SHOPPING = BEST STRESS-RELIEVER! Eya needs to come home early since she didn't told her mom she'd be home late so, bye Eya. See you soooon B. :* >:D<

Ara and I went to Alimall foodcourt to wait for Migs. When she came, we talked a little and decided to have dinner first and booze later on. Ara and Migs are in the same sitch: Being the other woman blabla. But as to how our convo went, it's obviously the guy's or the girl's (on Ara's part. she's lesbo btw) fault! Blaaaaaaah. 

We went to Meatshop (Katips) to talk about some random stuff and all the bullshit that's been happening in our life since the new year started. God, it was one of the best talks I've had (or was I just drunk? ugh whatever) Anyhoo, we had fun. Girl's night out on a school night is just awesome. 

As usual, I didn't get to share what I've been keeping for a long time already. I wanna cry in front of them just to release everything but I can't. I dunno why, but I can't stand being pitied or being seen crying in front of my friends (or anybody, actually). It looks pathetic for me and I look soooo ugly when I cry. 

Sooooooooo there it goes. I had a major hangover the following day. Good thing, my Mom and Dad didn't notice it so, HURRAH! But the headache I got is just so asdfghjkl! Lesson learned: Never drink on a school night! I have a 9am class the following day and I srsly just wanna sleep all through out the lesson. Ugh.

There it goes! A better late than never post! Hihi! :-) 

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