Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crazy Day


Had a date with my most favorite girl (bff Nikka) in the world and another date with Babe after Nikka and I's date! Talk about 2 dates in a day, I swear, they made my day really awesome. I was suppose to treat my besties, Ara, Mignon, Terlex and Nikka (we call ourselves Babes since highschool, like a group name. Long story.) but out of my 4 babes, Nikka is the only one available. Le sigh. Its okay though, we had fun.

We went to Trinoma to just chill and have coffee but our coffee date turned into pasta date coz' Starbucks is full. Really, we went to all the SB branches at Trinoma and they are all full. Talk about bummer. Oh well, we ended up eating at Pizza Hut and talked and talked and talked endlessly about tons of stuff.

 Random fact, Nikka hates Babe. Always had. Hahaha. But she kept her cool when the 3 of us are together. It felt really awesome when I was strolling at the mall with both of them on each of my arms! Just wish they could just get along already. It's like I was torn between two of my most favorite people in the world! Anyhoo. I don't want to bore you guys with words so let me just show you a few pics from our crazy date. :-) Enjoy!

Patiently waiting for our food.. 

Thinnest, best-est friend ever! 

Look at mi necklace! Cute right? Special thanks to Miss Tati for this! :-) 


Yesterday seemed to be my lucky day! Saw Ms. Vern Enciso at the fashion show thingy held by Coke and Bench at the Trinoma Activity Center. She's sooo pretty! Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of her. 


I can't help but take a pic of this!!! THE HUNGER GAMES OMG! It will be shown on March 23, 2012. Two more months!! You guys ready for Peeta and Katniss? :")

Trying to make 'pacute' here.. :3

Blowfish babes~

Failed cross-eye pose! =))
The last pics were taken in front of GAP store where we were waiting for Babe who seemed to be lost even though he's been to Trinoma for God knows how many times already! Nikka's getting BV coz' Babe is acting like a girl again. Good thing I was wearing my glasses coz' I saw him wandering a few meters away from our couch. Hahaha. Can't hide the fact that I got all giddy when I saw him again.

As usual, he's wearing his v-neck shirt from Bench again (he bought, like, all the colors available at Bench, ever since I told him how sexy guys are in v-necks. hihi). Nikka kept her promise to keep her mouth shut but still made a few snarky comments. We stayed there for 30 mins. I think when we decided to walk Nikka to the jeepney station at SM North. We walked so bloody far, Babe said we should have just rode the LRT.

While we were walking, I was srsly torn between talking to Nikka and talking to Babe since these two are not getting along just well. They talk, sure, but they can't keep a convo going. And it's my job to make things work for the three of us.

And I think I did a great job. :-)

While we were waiting for the jeepney, Nikka and Babe are making comments and actually talking about being colorblind. All of us are having a hard time distinguishing green to blue. We were all wearing green and blue and I actually got bullied by them since I kept saying that Babe's top is blue when they both said it was a shade of green. Okay fine! Nuxxx, they're getting along~

Anyhoo, when Babe got me all for himself, he can't help but be sweet again. Not sweet sweet but the "i-missed-you-so-much" kind of sweet. And I can't help but fall all over again. We ate dinner at Mcdonalds and just talk about random stuff. How we've been, what we've been up to, blah blah.

It's like we're starting over again. More than friends, less than lovers. I can't help but be mesmerized by his stare, his touch and his way of making things seem okay. I know I sounded so lovestruck but hey, that's just my heart speaking. I'm still using my head.

We stayed there for hours, I think. When we got out, a lot of people were walking and waiting for transpo. We didn't now what's the commotion all about. (later I found out, it was the same night as Anne Curtis' concert) His way home was actually waaaaay opposite than mine but he insisted on taking me home safely. And it was really sweet. Okay we kissed. And so it was a starry night. So it was a great night for reconciliation. So we had a great time. 

But I am not ready yet. No matter how much  I want to, I just can't. I don't know why I feel like this when I'm supposed to be happy coz' he's back. I just... I'm still scared. No one, not even Babe, can blame me how I feel, after all the bullshit he had put me through. At the end of the day, I still kept thinking, is it the right thing to do? To get back with him? Til' now, I still dunno know the answer to that. 

Ugh. Told you it was a crazy day. Crazy in a nice way, though. ;-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

YT Kick-off Party!

Awesome party. Awesome people. Awesome God.  

Last Sunday night, I attended the kick-off party of our community, The Lord's Flock. It's a community, gathered to praise and worship God in an awesome way. By awesome, I mean we're not like those communities, who seem to always cry and shout out loud  (we do shout but not all the time though, in praising) and gets hysterical in praising God. What's cool is that, we're all teens! (Young Timothy) There are adults too, bbut their on a different household. 

We went to the place at around 5pm and, *surprise, surprise* my LF best friend, Janine and I were the one of the first ones to arrive. Yey punctuality! :) The party was held at the Princely House rooftop and the view was just adorbs. I didn't bring my cam so the photos here were just grabbed, without consent. Hahaha! Lol, thanks to Ate Calai and Direk Dinky for the pictures!

Here's a photo story of how awesome the party was. I had a hard time choosing and editing the pics since some of it are low-res and there are a bunch of pictures to choose from! Enjoy! :-)

Le first ones to see the awesome view at the rooftop! See those little lantern-thingy? Cute right? Courtesy of Bro. Kent! Haha! 

Candid. We were told to wear anything Chinese since it's Chinese New Year so I opted for a red cover-up and a polka-dot top. 

Attendance, attendance..

Praise and worship! Sorry for the dark pic :) 

Dance for the Lord, brothers! :) 

29 out of the 93 YT members (excluding international youth members!) with Ate Calai! Find me!! Hehe, red is obviously the color of the night!  

THE BROTHERS! (l-r) Jolo, someone who's name I forgot, Kevin, another unfamiliar face, Alvin, JM, Marvin and Shoti

THE SISTERS! (l-r) Ate Tobit, Kish, Jess, Dennis, Janine, Aileen, Me, Arbhie, and Bea

Number 1 rule when a camera's around: ALWAYS SMILE. Lol, just look at this pic, I'm the only one ready. Hahahaha!

Me and my bestfriend Janine, trying our best to host well, despite the wind and the lack of mic! Haha!  
(l-r) Ate Calai, Ate Reg, Janine and Me! (with kuya JM on the bg) haha!
Intermission! Kevin singing True by Ryan Cabrera. Assisted by his big bro, kuya JM :) 
Another intermission from the Angeles brothers. Kuya JM singing, Tonight by the Secondhand Serenade. I swear these guys have the most beautiful voices I've ever heard, bias aside. Hehe :) 

FOOOOOD OVERLOAAAD! Even our foods are Chinese-themed. Siomai, pancit and a very american food, PIZZA! Thanks to Jugno's! 

Janine and I after our round 2 on le pizza! Haha! 

Hungry girls are hungry! I swear they were guarding the table the whole time! Hahaha! 

And now it's time for zeh game called Halo-halo. Lol, obviously the game masters didn't think of any decent game so they just come up with a fun, variety of games. I swear it was really fun!! :)) 

Jolo explaining zeh mind-boggling rules! 

Jolo's assistant, Shoti :)

Jolo demonstrating how the game goes. Look at all of us laughing at the bg. It was really fun seeing him tumble and fall. :))) 

After the game, Alvin performed a few magic tricks for us and here'sa photo of Janine and I, holding out one of Alvin's little magic umbrellas! :) 

YT with Director Dinky and ate Calai :)

Wacky shot! Now here's a photo dump of all the group pics. Enjoy! :)

Yes ate Reg? :)

Passing the mic to us! Lol look at our faces! No, ate Reg, you can do the closing remarks! Go! :)

Ate Calai leading the closing prayer. 

Umm change outfit, Kevin? ;)

All in all, the party was reallllllly fun (as you can see on the pics). Ate Calai offered me a ride home since I didn't know where we are exactly and the Angeles brother and Alvin went with us. While on the car, the boys were all hyped up because Nina's playing on the background. It was soooo weird. They, like, criticized Nina's voice on singing "Through The Fire". Was I the only one who thought it was great? Hahaha. Anyhoo, they were dropped off at Gateway. When they got out of the car ate Calai talked to me about random love stuffs. Lol, I'm too young for that, I say. She's friends with my tita and there is no way I'll share love stories with her. Haha.

Fun night is fun! I'm already looking forward for the next one! I just really hope I could be more active in serving, what with the busy school days. Sigh. :-)